Mistress: Mena Mason - Prodigal Slave Begs to Rejoin Her Stable 2160p 2.21 Gb


Prodigal Slave Begs to Rejoin Her Stable

Mena’s slave left her because he wanted to try and live his life as a real man. Mena let him go, knowing full well that one day he would come crawling back to her. Today is that day. On hands and knees, the prodigal slave returns and begs Mena for a place back in her stable. Mena laughs. She’s already replaced the absent slave with a new one. She maybe could use another slave, but why should she take this one back after he so rudely left? In order to return to Mena’s good graces, the slave must humiliate himself completely. Mena makes him grovel and beg while licking the bottom of her shoe. He will never be a real man and should never try. Groveling at his Princess’ feet is his true place. His Princess may take him back, but he will have to pay for it dearly. (10:20 long)

Date Added: 30 Jul 2019


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