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Im getting ready to go to a equestrian show. However, before I leave Im going to teach my slave to worship my beautiful boots. If he pleases me I may reward him. As I relax on my throne I call my bitch over, he must remain on his knees at all times. I decide to enjoy a cigarette, and order him to take up position and be ready to lick my boots. As he begins, I tell him to make sure he licks properly if he wants to be rewarded. I also need a ashtray, and tell him to open his mouth to receive my ash. I also allow him the luxury of receiving my spit to wash it down. After I finish my cigarette, I tell him he can put his cock between my beautiful black boots. Its so fucking tiny, Im having difficulty holding it. Eventually, after tightly jamming it between my boots I begin to massage his little throbber. Its not long before my bitch starts to whine and begs me to allow him to cum. Not yet I want him to suffer as I continue to tease and taunt him with my rubber boots. Finally, his little scooter squirts his mess over my boots and onto my throne. What a filthy slut! I order him to get his tongue going, and clean his mess from my boots then finish licking the foot of my throne

Date Added: 30 Jul 2019


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