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Thats Why men Like you Are Putty In My Hands.

Sexy Miss Raevyn is laying on the bed and asks her slave what he’s admiring, her feet or her ass. “Both Miss Raevyn, they are both so amazing” he replies. “That’s why men like you are putty in my hands” she replies with a smile, knowing this desperate creature will do anything to win her favour. She reminds him how she has drained his bank account and asks him if he is getting comfortable in his new basement suite now that he has limited access to money. “You can’t get much for $300 a month, but I have been enjoying your pay check” she tells him and then says today she is going to reward him. She gives him permission to suck on her toes. “Thank You miss Raevyn” he says as he crawls toward her and takes her big toe in his mouth.

Date Added: 30 Jul 2019


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