Mistress: Kat, Mariah - Teasers Take Full Control of Milking Bench 1080p 1.34 Gb


Teasers Take Full Control of Milking Bench

Kat Soles is the teaser on shift at the Brat Princess male milking facility. She bounces and rides on the slave’s face, keeping it right on edge. Teasers love keeping the male slaves right on the edge with no chance of ever reaching orgasm. Mariah comes in for the start of her shift. Kat goes to change her outfit while Mariah keeps the slave stimulated and on edge. Kat returns and both girls tease the slave. If the slave approaches orgasm, his testicles are shocked so that he remains on edge without ever reaching climax. The teasers troubleshoot the electrodes to make sure everything is functioning properly. The slave complains that his balls are frying! The teasers do not care at all. Males basically exist to suffer for pretty girls. The girls giggle while the shock him. The slave moans and cries. Mariah rides the slave while he is on edge until she has an orgasm. Then Kat sits on the slave’s face with her full weight while he is milked. He cannot breathe or speak. Kat wants Mariah to take full manual control of the computer system. She wants Mariah to use the technology to help her reach orgasm while riding the male slave’s face. Mariah takes the system into manual mode. Each shock sent through the slave’s body stimulates Kat. Mariah shocks the slave while Kat rides his face until Kat climaxes. The girls do this over and over because they can. Girls get multiple orgasms, males get nothing. (19:08 long)

Date Added: 30 Jul 2019


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