Mistress: Becky - Released from Chastity for an Edging Game 1080p 840.96 Mb


Released from Chastity for an Edging Game

Goddess Becky is bored so she lets her slave out of chastity for an edging game. The game is just to amuse her, and the slave is not allowed to cum. The kneeling slave looks up at Becky’s amazing ass. It is very difficult for him to stay on the edge and not climax. Becky demands that her slave increase her tribute. The slave can hardly afford her weekly tribute as it is! Becky does not care. She wants what she wants. She deserves it! The slave is desperate to cum. It begs. Becky just laughs. No means no! The slave should be grateful for whatever it gets from her. Becky offers the slave a choice. He can lock himself up and take her shopping, or he can climax. There is one obvious correct choice. Will the slave pick the right answer? (11:24 long)

Date Added: 31 Jul 2019


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