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Mistress is sitting at her desk, wearing a short dress, which highlights her wonderful ass, with a pair of plateau faded feet. you are working on the pc and smoking nervously. Your slave is handcuffed behind the chair, with his head in the middle of your beautiful ass, still covered by your dress. After a couple of minutes, tired and bored, she pulls up your dress, moves your panties and orders your slave to breathe your ass and not to come off for any reason. Whenever you decide to fart, you order your slaver to open his mouth, grabbing him firmly by the hair. However, since the slave does not obey, you put a jennings gag in his mouth and continue to allow him to smell your beautiful ass. After ten minutes, you are dissatisfied with him. Without telling him anything you untie him and use him to clean the soles of your shoes. But not even this task satisfies You. So to punish him, you take him by the neck and making him look like an object, blow the smoke in his face many times until he chokes. You also spit in his mouth and finally extinguish your cigarette but on his tongue. Since he was so disappointing, you decide to torture him with another cigar or cigarette. You tell him he is not worthy of being near your ass, and is only capable of being your object. You leave him gagging and kneeling on the floor as you go back to your desk

Date Added: 30 Jul 2019


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