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A slave has to serve his Mistress in every situation! If she needs a footrest he has to lay his body down at her mercy like a floor she walks on! If she needs an ashtray he has to open his mouth if the Mistress wants to tap off the ash of the cigarette! Lady Katharina loves to humiliate her slave like that! She is laying comfortable on the couch having her devoted slave laying at her mercy. She covered his face with an old and smelly high heel leather shoe forcing him to inhale the scent of her feet and shoes most of the time. The only reason for taking the shoe off his face is if she needs to tap off the ash right in his mouth! Lady Katharina is watching down at this worthless male bitch humiliating him as he deserves! She wants to see him suffer so she digs the sharp heels of her sexy high heel peeptoe slingbacks deep in his flesh! At the end she throws the burning cigarette right in the slaves mouth. She stuffs her high heel shoe deep in it and continues torturing him under her wicked high heels. Great femdom smoking with great heels digging, heels torture, forced shoe smelling, great POV scenes and close ups! German language with English subtitles! 1280720 WMV.

Date Added: 31 Jul 2019


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