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Rebelle Hart - Hot Brat Tricks You Out of Your Clothes

Rebelle Hart - Hot Brat Tricks You Out of Your Clothes You are my best friend's new boyfriend and you just dropped me at home. Before you leave, I float a little bet past you to see if you can go out with your friend. She is a sports fan and if you are going to be with her you need to be one too. I suggest that you come in and watch a game with me. We both bet on a team and the one who bets on the losing team must do whatever the winner wants. I even let you bet on the favourite because I am a sweetheart like that. After the end of the match, the favourite team lost, and I win the bet! As a forfeit, I ask you to remove all your clothes and I make you turn around naked while I take pictures. Then I reveal that you were tricked! The match was pre-recorded, and I already knew the results. LOL! Then, because I am a brat, I ask you to leave my apartment naked. You argue that you cannot walk home nude. I feel bad for you so I say that you can win back some clothes if you masturbate while posing in revealing positions while I record it. You can win one article of clothing for each position. The first position is on my back with your legs above your face. You start stroking. But to my surprise, you prematurely blow your load all over your face only after a few seconds. I obviously cannot help but make fun of you and since you only accomplished one position, all you get back is your socks. I Coerce you out of my apartment with your load on your face, thanking me for the video that I will now post on the internet. Tags: CFNM, Humiliation, Blackmail Fantasy, Brat Girls, Bratty Princess, CEI, Femdom POV, Humiliation JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Loser Symbol, Middle Finger, Tricked, Female Domination

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