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BP You will give Her half your Pay

Amadahy, Mia, Jennifer, and Taylor have decided that it’s payday. Danni has been paying the girls monthly, but they just learned he gets paid bimonthly. Mia wants one whole paycheck every month. Danni has been withholding from the Princesses because he wants to keep most of his pay for himself. The girls are not going to let him get away with that. They know that they are entitled to half his money. All the Princesses make Danni lick their dirty high heels. Danni tries to bargain with the girls. He tells them that he will give them half his pay if they agree to allow him out of chastity once a month. Is that a joke? The girls keep Danni in chastity for a reason! He can’t buy his way out! The girls are so mad that they decide to spit all over Danni’s face. Danni is so humiliated. The girls spit in his mouth and make him swallow. They all surround him and laugh. Since Danni is being noncompliant, the girls decide to march straight to Danni’s female boss. They know that if they ask nicely, she will direct deposit all of Danni’s pay into Mia’s bank account for the girls. Stupid. He should have agreed to half when he had the chance. (17:50 long)

Date Added: 31 Jul 2019


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