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Your Lesbian Goddess Fantasy

Have you ever fantasized about being transformed into a panty wearing bimbo and owned by a true lesbian Goddess?!? Of course you have!!! Miss Leigh makes your dreams finally come true as she prepares you for a life of slavery as her new caged up sissy bitch. That useless cock will be locked away in chastity 24/7 as a Lesbian Goddess has no use for little clits like yours. You will be helplessly restrained in the corner on a daily basis and forced to watch your Goddess get all the pleasure from her slutty girlfriends. But before your manhood is completely stripped away your Goddess is kind enough to allow you one last pleasurable orgasm. Now start stroking that worthless dicklet as your life of becoming an obedient sissy cuck for dominant lesbian woman is about to become a reality!

Date Added: 03 Apr 2024


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